Roll Over Beethoven

I’ve always been a fan of Beethoven and have listened to his symphonies many times. Last week, I decided to shake things up a bit. During my daily walks with the dog, I listened to all nine symphonies in “Star Wars” order.  That is, in George Lucas’ brilliant order of (IV,V,VI), (I,II,III) & (VII,VIII,IX). Folks, this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands! The interesting thing was that when I switched up the order of the way I usually listened, I appreciated new things. It helped highlight some of the symphonies that usually get lost in between some of my favorites. Shaking up the order, made something familiar seem brand new. When I told my wife about my idea to listen to the nine symphonies in the order of the Star Wars saga, she said “That is the most Jon thing you have ever said“. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I took it as a compliment!

Now what do Beethoven and Star Wars have to do with Education? It reminded me of how the world of education has been flipped from school to home and how teachers have shifted from face to face to virtual lessons. The order has been switched, the methods are different, and many more things are out of our control. It certainly has caused everyone to look at education differently. However, it hasn’t been all bad. By shaking things up, I think it has caused a new appreciation for all that teachers do in schools everyday. Additionally, I have a sincere admiration for teachers’ ability to continue teaching with a new medium, continue to collaborate from afar, and continue to find ways to connect with students and families to show how much they care without missing a beat!

The music of Beethoven is incredible, no matter what order one listens to his symphonies. The same is true of teachers. Whether they are in a school with classes of students in front of them or having to work from home and creating virtual lessons and facilitating distance learning sessions. They are incredible and do the most important work every day. Roll over Beethoven, it’s time to celebrate educators! 



“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” – George Lucas

“Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.” – Chuck Berry 


  • Week of 4/20: Every classroom holds a Secure Zoom or Google Meet with students and create platforms for new learning to begin
  • Tuesday, April 21: Meeting Agenda/Invite will be sent out
  • Thursday, April 23: Chromebook Pick Up 12:00-1:00, Virtual Staff Meeting 1:15 PM (tentative)


  • Week of 4/27: New learning instruction begins for integrated ELA & Math focusing on the five core areas in each subject, class meetings continue, feedback given on student work
  • Tuesday, April 28: Meeting Agenda/Invite will be sent out
  • Thursday, April 30: Virtual Staff Meeting 1:15 PM


  • Week of 5/4: New learning instruction continues
  • Thursday, May 7: Virtual Staff Meeting 1:15 PM

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