Virtual Learning

Hi Everyone,

I’m skipping the blog format this week (unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions). I wanted to share how proud I am of this TEAM as we move into this uncharted territory. In the blink of an eye, you went from meeting the needs of students in the classroom to meeting the needs of students through distance learning. Many used virtual meetings to collaborate with teammates for the very first time and everyone has stretched themselves to meet the needs of our students. I think the hardest part is the uncertainty of when this will end and when will things go back to normal. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that we will get through this together. The governor said the other night that “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do“. I agree with that and I know our team is pretty tough (in a good way:) Below I will share out some of the things that are happening and a timeline of events, but first I wanted to share some levity to our current situation. Enjoy!

Video Link (16 seconds) – This was pretty much my experience with Zoom!


Each Weeknight at 7:00 PM I will be hosting “Story Time” and Each Monday at 9:00 AM I will be holding a virtual Celebrate Monday Assembly. Videos will be posted on our Buchanan Facebook page to help keep our students engaged during our time away from school.


Regardless of our return date, our Spring Break will still be the week of April 6 – April 10. Staff will not be expected to check emails or collaborate during this time.


I would like to welcome our newest member of our Buchanan Team! Bob Miller will be serving as our new Building Supervisor. Bob has been working at Niji-Iro Elementary and is thrilled to be at Buchanan. His only regret is that he has not been able to meet many of our staff or students yet, due to our current situation.


The district is providing iReady instructional licences for Reading & Math for all elementary students. A letter about iReady and how to access from home will be sent to parents tomorrow in my family update!


  • Monday, March 30: Elementary Principals virtual meeting with Central Office 10:45-12:00. Following the meeting, Kristen and I will call the no response parents.
  • Week of March 30 – April 3: The PTA has put together a virtual Spirit Week. It will be in the family update and on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Friday, April 3: Teachers will send out new learning activities to families for the week of April 13 (I know it’s a little confusing with the Spring Break schedule)
  • Week of April 6 – April 10: Spring Break
  • Return Date?? It’s Monday, April 13 on the calendar, but that is likely to change. As always, I will keep you updated on any new information as it becomes available

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