Don’t Wait…Act Now!

It’s late at night. You can’t sleep. As you flip through the channels you see people enthusiastically sharing the latest and greatest product that you just can’t live without! From Ginsu Knives to George Foreman Grills to comfy Snuggies, you can find it all with the ubiquitous late night infomercial! Amazingly, the late night infomercial market generates billions (yes, billions with a B) of dollars each year. Now, as fun and quirky as many of these products are, it’s the salespeople that really make the magic happen. They shout, they sing, they dance, they make you feel that you can’t live without this product and time is running out to get it. “Don’t wait…Act now!” Don’t believe me that they’re effective? The late night infomercial market generates billions (yes with a B) of dollars each year. Infomercials are still around, because they work! The infectious enthusiasm of the presenters translates into sales for the company and influences the viewers (you and me) to buy things we didn’t even know we needed! It’s a true testament to the power of positive energy and enthusiasm.

As educators, we can learn a lot from infomercials. What if we took that same level of enthusiasm and positive energy and applied it to our lessons? What if made our content seem indispensable to our students? What if the atmosphere in our classrooms told our students “Don’t wait…Act now!”? The results could be amazing and our school could be a place of excitement and wonder for students.

The spokespeople on infomercials are usually a little over the top. They draw us in with their energy and then hook us with their message. Great teachers are the same way. They go above and beyond and are always looking for ways to energize their students and hook them with their lessons. We may not generate billions of dollars in the world of education, but we do generate enthusiasm and excitement and our product is successful students. So for all the educators in our school and beyond, “Don’t wait…Act now!”

Talk about Energy & Enthusiasm!! 


3:00 PM: “That infomercial is ridiculous.

3:00 AM: “That infomercial is genius. I’ll take 12! 


Shannon Miller                                   Brad Currie


  • Monday, January 28: Student of the Month Assembly (Confidence) 9:05 AM, Reading Proficiency Reports, Math iReady Reports & IRIPs sent home
  • Tuesday, January 29: Achievement Team (Stromberg) 8:15 AM, Skate Night at Riverside Arena 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Wednesday, January 30: Elementary Principals Meeting 1:00-4:30 PM
  • Thursday, January 31: School Improvement Meeting 8:05 AM (All Welcome)


  • Monday, February 4: Celebrate Monday Assembly (Reflection) 9:05 AM
  • Tuesday, February 5: Achievement Team 8:15 AM
  • Wednesday, February 6: PTA Board Meeting 2:30 PM
  • Thursday, February 7: CLT Session 7:50-8:50 AM
  • Friday, February 8: VIP Dance 6:00-8:00 PM


  • Wednesday, February 27: Students in AM/Building PD in the Afternoon
  • Thursday, March 7: Kindergarten Parent Orientation 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Friday, March 8: Students in AM/Records Day in the Afternoon
  • Tuesday, March 12: Grades entered by Midnight
  • Friday, March 15: Report Cards go Home
  • Friday, March 22: Battle of the Books
  • Monday, April 1 – Friday April 5: Spring Break
  • Thursday, May 16: Art Fair (K-4) Music Concert (1-4) 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Tuesday, June 4: Kindergarten Round Up
  • Wednesday, June 12: Field Day

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