One Word: LIGHT

For the past five years, I have chosen “one word” to serve as my focus for the year. When selecting my word, I usually think about what I want to focus on, listen to what words others are using, and then settle on my word. This year, our family was chosen to light the advent candles for our church. As we stood lighting the candles during the readings, I knew then, my one word for 2019 would be Light. Specifically, three aspect of light would be my focus.

Seek the Light: Recently, my pastor shared a story of a time when she was in northern Scotland. She had decided to ride her bicycle into the countryside to a place that was noted as a prime spot to view the northern lights. As the ride continued, the sky grew darker until soon she was completely lost in the darkness. She stopped peddling and knew she needed to make a decision. Should she turn around and head back to the safety of the village or continue on in the dark? After a brief pause, she decided to continue on. A short distance later, the path turned a corner and she beheld the beautiful sight of the shimmering aurora borealis and had an experience that would remain with her for a lifetime. Sometimes, we need to go through the darkness in order to find the light we are seeking. This year, I will remember that when times are dark and situations are bleak, light and beauty may be right around the corner.

Be the Light: We all have had people in our lives who are filled with light. They inspire, they encourage, and they show the way with the light they give. That’s the person I want to be! I want light to shine through my social media posts, I want light to shine through my interactions with others, and I want light to shine through everything I do. Once we find the light we seek, we need to become the light to shine brightly for those around us. Being dark and negative is easy…it takes work and courage to be light.

Share the Light: There is a saying that lighting someone else’s candle does not dim our own light. I believe that is true and I have found that every positive thought I’ve shared, every kind word I’ve spoken, and every kind act I’ve done has always come back to me many times over. My goal as an educator is not to show people the way, but to help them find their own way. That’s what sharing the light means to me.

When I seek out my one word for the year, I always try to find something that rings true to me. For me, truth is speaking or hearing something that we already know in our heart. The word “light” rang true for me and will help guide me through 2019. What will your one word be this year? 

My “One Word” list for the past five years



“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” – Bruce Lee

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” – Desiderius Erasmus

“Faith is the bird that feel the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore


Jeff Zoul                                      Sheila Alles

Books worth Reading

Both of these books on Teacher Self-Care by Dan Tricarico are available in my office for Teachers to borrow!


  • Monday, January 7: Celebrate Monday Assembly (Confidence) 9:05 AM
  • Tuesday, January 8: Achievement Team 8:15 AM
  • Thursday, January 10: Staff Meeting 8:05 AM


  • Monday, January 14: Celebrate Monday Assembly 9:05 AM
  • Tuesday, January 15: Achievement Team 8:15 AM
  • Thursday, January 17: Building PD 7:50-8:50 AM (Literacy/Vocabulary)
  • Friday, January 18: F&P & ELB Data entered into Illuminate (K/1 All students, 2-4 students below grade level)


  • Monday, January 21: No School for MLK Jr. Day

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