The Great Equalizer

Recently I attended the Motor City Comic Con. It’s the one day a year where I am in nerd heaven and get to see many heroes from my childhood. Over the years, I’ve met William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), and Adam West & Burt Ward (TV’s Batman & Robin). One of the things that so intrigues me about events like this is that everyone is on an equal level. The crowds are incredibly diverse with people of different races, ages, and cultures. People who are able bodied and people with severe disabilities. People dressed in costume and people dressed in suits. It’s a little like Disney World in that people are excited to be there no matter what their age and EVERYONE is treated the same.

Some people are there to celebrate the latest celebrities of pop culture and some, like me, are there for the nostalgia and to feel the magic of meeting childhood heroes. It amazes me how friendly an environment it is with so many people packed into one place and often waiting in long lines. People are happy, people are smiling, people are accepting of one another. Individuals mingling in a crowd to families and friends enjoying the day together. There is something for everyone. Comic Cons are the great equalizer of society. Everyone is treated the same (maybe a little better if you’re in costume;)

My vision of school is similar to what I see at Comic Con. Everyone is treated with respect and in a welcoming way. Age, size, color, disabilities don’t mean a thing. Everyone is on the same level. Everyone comes with an excitement for what could happen each day and from time to time get to dress up for fun events. Even people who are long since graduated come back for a stroll down memory lane to shake hands with a childhood hero…their favorite teacher! Education has also been called the Great Equalizer. It allows everyone to have opportunities they wouldn’t have had without it and is available to everyone for just walking in the door. I may only get to enjoy the excitement of Comic Con once every year, but I get to enjoy the excitement and magic of working as a principal all school year long!


“Dad of the Year” Winner at this year’s Comic Con! 


  • Tuesday, May 29: Round Up Planning Meeting 8:30 AM, Fire Drill 3:15 PM
  • Wednesday, May 30: Kindergarten Round Up (Parent Meetings in East Commons), Parent Meeting (Williams) 2:35 PM
  • Thursday, May 31: Staff Meeting 8:05 AM, SHS Graduates (former Buchanan students) Clap Out at 11:15 AM, Garden Ceremony Rehearsal 2:00 PM (Students will be called out by grades)
  • Friday, June 1: Garden Dedication/Time Capsule Ceremony 2:00-2:30 PM
  • Sunday, June 3: Buchanan Family Tigers Game


  • Monday, June 4: Student of the Month Assembly 9:05 AM
  • Tuesday, June 5: Library Talk in Gym (K-2) 1:30 PM / (3rd&4th) 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday, June 6: Elementary Principals Meeting 1:00-4:30 PM
  • Thursday, June 7: Building PD (Student Growth Data) 7:50-8:50 AM, Safety Service Squad Celebration in the PM,  PTA Meeting 7:00 PM
  • Friday, June 8: Field Day! 


  • Monday, June 11: Celebrate Monday Assembly (Time Capsule Video) 9:05 AM, 4th Grade Celebration in PM
  • Tuesday, June 12: Kindergarten Concert & Celebration 1:15 – 2:30 PM
  • Thursday, June 14: Final Staff Meeting 8:05 AM, All School Assembly 10:00-11:00 AM, Students dismissed at 12:10 PM
  • Friday, June 15: 4th Grade Clap Out 11:30 AM, Students dismissed at 12:10 PM

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